Canned Juice Design (2017)

This canned juice brand called “Horoscope” was an idea of mine, since the astrological forecast has become increasingly popular among people, it seemed possible that everyone would be interested in drinks made specifically for their horoscope signs, with each distinctive flavour and colour. With that in mind, I created three different packaging for three flavours of juice. I tried to minimalise this design by creating a simple layout and pattern.

For the background, I looked up the colours that best represented each horoscope sign and used Photoshop to lay out a few swatches of each colour, I then liquified the image to make a marbled pattern of the colours. I also decided on what flavours to work with based on the colour choices to make them look nice together. After further adjustments with the overall background, I created the information box with a blank background, added texts and drew the three horoscope signs using vectors in AI. I chose a combination of texts that would go well with the layout I had in mind. I then placed them onto a mock-up template I had found online. I decided to use two sets of mock-up templates to try applying my design to different shapes and sizes of a can.






Here are some photos of my design and a scan of my research sketchbook page.


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