CD Case Design (2017)


This project was my favourite as I was able to experiment with a lot of techniques I never tried before. I created a conventional CD case for Nekobolo – a Japanese singer/songwriter. The songs I chose to include in these albums were his initial single songs that were scattered across the internet.

After doing research on conventional CD cases, I decided to make this one different with his theme of music. The songs chosen are simple, with repetitive imagery of letters and papers and iconic symbols of Japan, I wanted to make this CD case look like an envelop that was meant to be sent to someone, with simple yet detailed drawings and individual sheets of lyrics. I also included a pack of shredded lyrics to represent the “unsaid things” mentioned in the lyrics. The overall theme I chose was soft and crafty-ish to add an element of youth. I made an envelop out of a piece of tracing paper I had laying around, the collages were also made using art supplies I had on hand.

2017-06-26 04.40.04 1

2017-06-26 04.40.19 12017-06-26 04.40.18 22017-06-26 04.40.17 22017-06-26 04.40.18 12017-06-26 04.40.17 12017-06-26 04.40.16 12017-06-26 04.40.16 22017-06-26 04.40.02 22017-06-26 04.40.15 12017-06-26 04.40.01 1

2017-06-26 04.40.14 22017-06-26 04.40.02 12017-06-26 04.40.03 1

2017-06-26 04.40.14 12017-06-26 04.40.13 1

These individual sheets some in an envelope that also acts as the cover art sheet of the CD case. Each lyrics sheet was printed out, decorated with dried flowers and plants, pieces of texts, paper clips, watercolour stained paper and strings. I used the same materials for each lyrics sheet but mixed them up everytime to create diversity. Aside from the lyrics sheets, I also drew pictures of a traditional KIRIN vending machine, a sleeping cat and an old cassette tape to add a Japanese element to the content, it was also a way of reflecting the lyrics of the songs. I scanned and edited them in Photoshop, along with some watercolour and gold ink patterns I decided to add later.

2017-06-26 04.40.12 22017-06-26 04.40.11 12017-06-26 04.40.05 1

2017-06-26 04.40.10 12017-06-26 04.40.09 22017-06-26 04.40.09 12017-06-26 04.40.08 12017-06-26 04.40.07 12017-06-26 04.40.06 22017-06-26 04.40.06 1

Here are photos of the process, the original drawings and scans of the collages i made for the CD case, I also added a page of research in my sketchbook. I bought the CD case at Poundland to make an actual product instead of using mock-up templates.



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