Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Poster (2017)

Kawazu cherry blossom festival is one of the most popular cherry blossom event in Japan, it is held every year in March or April and it becomes most beautiful at night as the flowers are illuminated with lights. Therefore, I chose a dark background for this poster and decided to create two designs.

I started by doing research on the festival and come up with ideas about layout and colour combinations. Because the poster should represent the colours of the festival at night, I decided to choose a main colour scheme of gold and pink. I then experimented with texts and layout, adding elements of Japanese festivals by including symbolised drawings of a Japanese umbrella, origami crane, sake, onigiri, paper fan and geta (Japanese wooden shoes). I drew these in AI using vectors, along with the gigantic symbolised cherry blossom that would act as the main focus. I mainly used AI to create the effects and adjust everything, I then edited the whole poster in Photoshop to adjust the colour shades.


final kawazu-01KAWAZU-01

Here are some pictures of the process and scans of my research sketchbook pages.



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