Drop Dead (https://www.dropdead.co/) is a London based Clothing brand that I have been interested in for a long time, I decided to make a poster to enter in the Freshblood campaign held by this brand. It was also an opportunity for me to practise more with Photoshop and learn new effects.

I started with drawing the logo of the brand using vectors in AI and chose a colour scheme that would emphasise the theme of the campaign. I used the liquify tool in Photoshop to edit the logo and experimented with noise, hologram effects and different sets of texts and fonts. I wanted the logo to be the main focus of the poster so I scaled it and set the background to pitch black to further emphasise it. I then added small texts along the poster and different pieces of information that I found on their website. I edited the texts before scattering them along the logo to achieve a glitch effect. I submitted this poster to https://freshblood.club/ and was chosen to be featured.


Aside from the poster above, I also created a banner with the neon text effect I learned to make in Photoshop. It was an experiment that came out great.DD2




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