Mental Health Themed Illustrations (2017)

These illustrations were inspired by the national mental heath awareness week.

The first two posters demonstrate how the media sets unrealistic beauty standards for girls and these standards leave negative effects on young girls’ mindset of body image.

Untitled-1 (2)Untitled-F

The following poster warns people of how depression is invisible but harmful.dep

This illustration tells a story of a person who does not smoke, drink or practice self harm, showing no common sign of a person in pain but bearing depression silently._5bUntitled_5d25062017 (13)

This one shows the difficulty of someone suffering from depression finding it hard to get up and face everyday life.

_5bUntitled_5d23062017 (2)

This illustration shows the mindset of a girl who is insecure about her appearance and constantly comparing herself to girls she consider to be beautiful._5bUntitled_5d23062017 (3)

This illustration shows the mindset of a person who feels unloved on a daily basis.20170625_151540

Below are the original drawings of mine, I scanned and edited them in Photoshop to produce the final results.



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